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March 7th, 2017

Every month in NUHW Pulse, you’ll find stories and videos about NUHW, its members, its work, and its impact on the healthcare industry and the labor movement. We report on the latest developments in our workplaces, from election victories to bargaining updates, and we report on the progress of workers hoping to join our union. In addition, NUHW Pulse gathers and updates all the material we’ve posted to our website over the previous few weeks, so if you’ve missed something, this is a great chance to catch up. Click here for the current edition, or select an issue from the archive below. To submit news, commentaries, or photographs to NUHW Pulse, write to

Click here for the January 2019 issue. Highlights include:

  • Dozens of NUHW members from six Providence St. Joseph hospitals — and allies from several nursing unions — launched a coordinated campaign on Jan. 19 to win better contracts and build worker power inside the nation’s third largest hospital system.
  • NUHW members joined Los Angeles teachers on picket lines in support of their open-ended strike that resulted in a good contract with many benefits for students.
  • The website is being revamped to highlight the plight of Kaiser members who could not get the mental health therapy they needed.
  • For the second consecutive month, mental health clinicians at Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc. in San Francisco attended their non-profit’s board meeting to demand a fair contract.
  • Free online CE courses are available to NUHW members. Four courses are already available, and we’ll be expanding our offerings next year.

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