PulseJuly 29, 2022

In July, NUHW members spread the word about SB 221 and took action to compel Kaiser to comply with the new law, won raises and market adjustments at USC and Queen of the Valley, and participated in a sticker-up at Mission Neighborhood Health Center. Check out these stories below, and get to know NUHW steward Juana Martinez. You can find NUHW on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn.

Clinicians document Kaiser’s noncompliance with state law, prepare for strike
After years of advocacy and legislative and regulatory actions to compel Kaiser to address its broken mental health system, mental health caregivers in Northern California are preparing for an open-ended strike to force the HMO into action. Read more.

Monkeypox is putting healthcare workers at risk
As the virus spreads, we must keep the pressure on both government and the healthcare industry to ensure that healthcare workers have the training, tools, and support they need, writes NUHW President Sal Rosselli. Read more.

Getting the word out about our new mental health access law
Last year, NUHW members helped pass SB 221, which requires health insurers like Kaiser Permanente to provide individual follow-up mental health therapy appointments within 10 business days unless the clinician deems it unnecessary. Read more.

USC Call Center workers get big raises
A year after signing their first contract, workers who schedule patient appointments are receiving big pay raises. Read more.

Queen of the Valley workers win mid-contract wage increases and are ready to fight for more.
NUHW members in 29 classifications have won market rate adjustments after months of negotiations and a picket. Read more.

Members at Mission Neighborhood Health Center show solidarity during contract bargaining
Workers at the San Francisco clinic recently wore NUHW t-shirts and stickers to demonstrate their unity as they bargain a new contract. Read more.

NUHW steward Juana Martinez is active in the union and on the dance floor
The housekeeper at Queen of the Valley Medical Center loves to attend U-Jam classes and is always ready to lend a hand in union activities. Read more.

NUHW education and training resources
NUHW offers virtual trainings and events to provide member leaders with the tools and information they need to protect and enforce their rights in the workplace. Learn more.

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