About NUHW

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The National Union of Healthcare Workers is a worker-led movement dedicated to improving the lives of caregivers and patients.

NUHW was founded by healthcare workers who wanted a union where members call the shots and control their own destiny. Since 2009, our dream of an independent, member-driven movement has inspired thousands of workers to join us.

With members leading the way, we’ve established our union as a leading advocate for mental health parity and safe staffing levels. We’ve also demonstrated the solidarity and resolve necessary to win substantial raises, fight off takeaways, and stand up to abusive managers.

We’ve become the nation’s fastest growing healthcare union because we’ve stayed true to our core principles:

  • A strong union is led by its members.
  • Worker power is the foundation of a just society.
  • Quality patient care requires that caregivers have a voice in their workplaces and are protected from retaliation.
  • Healthcare is a human right.


Our union comprises more than 19,000 members, including medical technicians and technologists, clerical workers, psychologists, pharmacists, housekeepers, dietary workers, nurses, nursing assistants, drug rehabilitation counselors, mental health clinicians, engineers, and many others whose hospitals and clinics rely on them to provide top quality care and service.

Working together, we are committed to expanding health care access, improving patient care, and defending the right of all workers to earn good wages and feel secure in their jobs.

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