Why should I join?

NUHW is a democratic, member-driven union dedicated to improving wages, benefits, staffing, and standards of patient care, and winning a voice for healthcare workers in the workplace. Listen to our members tell their stories about why they joined our union.

To get started improving your workplace, call (866) 968-NUHW or fill out the form below to talk to an NUHW organizer.

Ready to start?

What are the steps?

The first step in organizing your workplace is to educate yourself about NUHW and develop a network of workers in every department and shift who are interested in unionizing. Informational meetings are a crucial part of this first stage.

When there is enough support, workers will circulate NUHW authorization cards. Workers should sign a card once they have had all their questions answered and have decided they want NUHW representation. Signing a card does not make you an NUHW member or commit you to pay dues. Your employer is not allowed to see the cards or know who signed them.

Once a strong majority of workers has signed cards, the cards are given to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the federal agency that governs union elections. The NLRB will conduct a formal election by secret ballot.

Once you win an election, your employer can no longer change existing practices without bargaining with the workers first. Workers win the best contracts when they are well organized, united, and committed to participation in the union and the bargaining process.