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Patient Stories

I was denied care twice

Published Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I was denied care twice, both through Kaiser Sacramento. I had never sought counseling before and went for my intake assessment. I explained my feelings of anxiety, depression and worthlessness. The doctor told me to go to a group coping skills class. I went to the class, but it didn’t help. The original doctor told me I could always call back if my symptoms changed, so I did. The phone operator told me, once more, “There’s nothing we can do for you.” I broke down on the phone, saying I was hurting and wanted to speak to a supervisor. After being told that none were available, I was once more instructed to try out the coping skills class. I was told one of the supervisors would get back to me, but they never called. Six months after my intake, I’m still waiting for care. But I guess, because I’m not suicidal, I don’t matter.