December 10th, 2018

Video: Kaiser 2018 mental health strike: San Francisco

Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane and the Brown family of Santa Rosa share their stories with striking NUHW-represented Kaiser mental health clinicians in San Francisco. Zane and the Browns lost loved ones to suicide after Kaiser Permanente Thrive denied them the mental health care they desperately needed.

November 27th, 2018

Video: Kaiser, don’t deny your patients care

You can’t wait a month and a half for mental healthcare. That’s what Kaiser Permanente Thrive does to its patients — it prevents them from seeing their therapists in their hour of need. What good is the diagnosis, if you can’t receive the treatment? Kaiser is failing to live up to its obligations as a […]

November 25th, 2018

Video: Kaiser mental health patients are speaking out

Have you waited weeks or months for mental health appointments? Have you been pushed into group therapy or forced to pay out-of-pocket for non-Kaiser therapists? Share your story with us at We represent Kaiser mental health clinicians who are working to make Kaiser finally deliver timely, consistent mental health care.

October 29th, 2018

NUHW USC Corporate Welfare

USC Trojans corporate welfare: Some USC hospital workers are paid so little that they are forced to rely on taxpayer support in the form of Medi-Cal and food stamps. Some even have to recycle cans to make ends meet. Now USC promises “4000 permanent jobs” at its proposed biotech park — but can we trust […]

September 28th, 2018

Caregivers protest Providence Tarzana’s low wages, cancelled shifts

Caregivers can’t provide for their families if their shifts are cancelled at the last minute, and the hospital can’t care for its patients if it doesn’t have enough caregivers on duty.