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Patient Stories

Why on earth do I need to wait so long?

Published Wednesday, July 24, 2019

I was put on anti depressants to help me cope when my mom died two years ago. The psychiatrist I saw then retired. The best psychotherapy Kaiser could offer was once a month, which meant I had six appointments over six months. That is bad psychotherapy, as anyone who’s gone to a real therapist knows. Once a month isn’t enough to make real changes. Now I am feeling better and want to get off these drugs, or at least be seen and talk to someone. My primary care physician suggested I break the capsules in half, but they are capsules and I’m not comfortable breaking apart the powder! I called for an appointment in early May and the first they could get me in was at the end of July. Why on earth do I need to wait so long?  I want to safely be able to get off my meds but I don’t know how. Why am I paying for health insurance if I can’t get in to see my doctor? This is not ok with me. I need more immediate help. What can I do?

San Francisco