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Patient Stories

Was placed in a psych hold while having a panic attack

Published Thursday, August 18, 2022

I needed mental health care and had to wait over three months for an appointment. Originally they put me in some program with a clinician but it wasn’t working and I needed higher care. I eventually gave up and stopped treatment. This was at Fresno. In Santa Rosa, I had an ER visit and was told I was fine and that I needed to leave. I did not feel fine and told them I was scared to leave. They then placed a psych hold on me and stripped me of my clothes and phone. I told them I had a prescription for Xanax and that I needed one as I was having a panic attack. I was refused by the nurses. Even the security officer watching me told the nurse I was having a panic attack and no one would help. I was there all night until the next morning when they brought in a telepsychiatrist who got me medications to help.