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Patient Stories

Waited several months to see a therapist

Published Wednesday, August 31, 2022

I routinely have to wait several months for appointments with my psychiatrist; scheduling this far in advance means that I often have to reschedule those appointments because work or childcare hours shift, and sometimes my psychiatrist also has to reschedule. I had to wait several months to see a therapist and when I did see her it was for only a few months before she “transitioned to another role”, so I will have to go through the whole waiting game again if I choose to get a new therapist through Kaiser. I have great insurance but several times have paid out of pocket for therapy outside of Kaiser because the waits are so punitive. It’s also nearly impossible to schedule or re-schedule appointments without spending an hour or more on hold on the phone. Truly, it’s punishing and not something easily tolerated at any time, let alone while in crisis.

Los Angeles