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Patient Stories

Unable to talk to Kaiser therapist for six weeks for postpartum depression help

Published Friday, September 9, 2022

I have a history of postpartum depression and anxiety, as well as a diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder. After giving birth to my second baby, I reached out to my Kaiser therapist for help but was unable to talk to them for six weeks. I reached out to the hospital staff, who promised to have a counselor call me, but never heard back. I reached out to my OB who referred me to her department’s behavioral health specialist, but they would not meet with me because I was already established with a therapist in the mental health department. I reached out to my son’s pediatrician and she referred me to the pediatric department’s behavioral specialist, and got the same response. I called mental health to explain the acute severity I was experiencing, but was denied. It felt like my predisposition restricted my access to getting help. My psychiatrist was eventually able to get me approved for an outside therapist, and I finally had my first appointment when my baby was four months old.

Castro Valley