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Patient Stories

Tried to change therapist and was only allowed three appointments with new one

Published Friday, September 16, 2022

I’ve been seeking mental health care from Kaiser for the past three years. Kaiser makes it extremely hard and emotionally exhausting to advocate for yourself. Recently, I attempted to change therapists as I felt no progress with my old one. I was told I would need to conduct a new intake with a three-week wait. Once they called me, the intake coordinator dismissed my needs and stated that Kaiser doesn’t believe in long-term therapy and could only allow me three appointments. I continued to advocate for myself and shared my previous experiences with Kaiser. I regretted changing my therapist as at least I was able to get monthly appointments with her. I felt worse after that phone call. Kaiser doesn’t care, there is no consistency in their care. They claim to not be able to refer you out of network, but will tell the next patient something completely different.

San Jose