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Patient Stories

Tossed back and forth between the psych and addiction medicine department

Published Tuesday, September 13, 2022

I’m truly afraid I’ll die in this fight for care. I’ve been tossed back and forth between the psych department and the addiction medicine department for years. All I want is a referral for a trauma based therapist that I can see regularly. In the last two years I’ve been to the ER four times, the psych ward twice, and participated in tons of groups and I can’t have any continuous care from a therapist. I just get overly medicated and then tossed to someone else. I’ve committed myself to the psych ward hoping that the social worker would make the referral. I’ve been hung up on by a crisis counselor in the psych department after they told me I needed to go through addiction medicine for help, and then ignored by and denied rehab by addiction medicine who said I needed to go through the psych department. I pay for insurance, and I want help and I can’t get anything until I’m suicidal or relapsing. Even then I’ve been told my relapse wasn’t bad enough. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Bay Area