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Patient Stories

Told to wait eight weeks for appointment after rape

Published Tuesday, August 9, 2022

A few years ago, at age 20, I was raped. I was away from most of my friends and family at college. I went to the ED after to receive services, who then referred me to behavioral health services. I called, explained my situation, and was given an appointment eight weeks later. I explained that I was in a crisis, not sleeping, having panic attacks, flashbacks, etc. and really needed help sooner. I was also leaving the state for the summer to go live with my grandparents to a state without Kaiser before the eight weeks. My PCP called and tried to get me in earlier, no luck. We both filled out a petition for me to receive services outside of Kaiser immediately and/or for summer, no luck. So, after I was raped, I was left with no help from a behavioral health provider at Kaiser. No medication, no talk therapy, no approval for outside or tele-therapy. I found a volunteer therapist, and my PCP prescribed medication against his wishes, but knew I needed it. I convinced my parents to change insurance.

San Diego