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Patient Stories

They just told me that I wasn’t “severe enough”

Published Wednesday, September 28, 2022

I had reached a low point in September 2021. Reached out to Kaiser, got an appointment for a few days out. Spoke to the therapist and when it came to scheduling he said, “I can see you in four weeks,” and I said, “I can’t wait that long, I want help sooner.” He said “Well, my appointment waits aren’t as bad as others’, they’re actually better.” I called the appointment line and asked to be seen out of network and they told me I wasn’t qualified, but wouldn’t tell me why. They just told me that I wasn’t “severe enough.” Keep in mind at this time I slept all day and when I was awake I couldn’t do anything. I had gone out with friends and felt nothing. My emotions were unbalanced and I couldn’t regulate my feelings. They knew this but I wasn’t severe enough to them.

Hacienda Heights