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Kaiser Patient Stories

The mental health at Kaiser is a joke

Published Tuesday, April 16, 2019

After giving birth to both children through the kaiser program, I was struggling mentally. I could not get an appointment with a Kaiser therapist for three or four weeks and it was scary times. When I did get an appointment, I was basically told “being a new mom is hard, its going to be hard” — in other words, that I should just “deal with it.” My therapist pushed me into group therapy. I’ve attented a stress management group, mindfulness group, anger management group, DBT group, and many, many more. It wasn’t at all effective. I ended up seeing someone outside of Kaiser and paying steeply out of pocket. I have no complaints about my primary physician or my childrens pediactric doctor or OBGYN with Kaiser; in fact, I love them. But the mental health at Kaiser is a joke.