Don't Call Me A Hero

Tenet Healthcare workers are being left behind

Tenet CEO is big winner in latest acquisition

Published Thursday, February 25, 2021

In 2018, Tenet CEO Ronald Rittenmeyer received $14.9 million in total compensation.

This year — amid a pandemic and economic collapse — he stands to make even more.

When Tenet announced this month it would pay $1.1 billion for 45 surgery centers, the company’s stock soared past $40 per share. That triggered a payout in Rittenmeyer’s contract worth $9.6 million.

Tenet has $1.1 billion available to buy surgery centers. Yet, Tenet hospitals in Southern California have refused to spend the money necessary to provide safe staffing or bring dietary workers and housekeepers in-house so they can all afford health insurance and receive a living wage.

If Tenet can afford to let its CEO pocket nearly $10 million in a single day, it can afford to boost staffing and treat all the workers at its hospitals with dignity.