Don't Call Me A Hero

Tenet Healthcare workers are being left behind

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Frontline workers are being left behind

Tenet Healthcare hospitals in Southern California are understaffing critical departments and underpaying committed caregivers, jeopardizing the care on which patients depend. Housekeepers and dietary workers have been working in Covid units without health insurance because Tenet subcontracts their jobs to Compass, a $25 billion multinational corporation that pays poverty wages. The result: Families suffer, hospitals are understaffed and not properly disinfected, and patients are put at risk. It’s time to end this vicious cycle. It’s time for Tenet, which has $2 billion in cash reserves, to stop calling its workers heroes and start treating them with dignity.

We put our lives on the line during this pandemic. Our campaign is about fighting for safe staffing, fair pay, and affordable health care for our families.

Keep updated with the latest news about Tenet and what workers at Tenet hospitals in Southern California are doing to protect patients and themselves.

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Tenet's failures start at the top

Tenet Healthcare has received more than $850 million in taxpayer dollars during the pandemic, yet caregivers had to blow the whistle on penny-pinching that put them and their patients at greater risk of contaminating Covid-19. As caregivers struggled to get tested for Covid or even to afford health insurance for their family, Tenet CEO Ron Rittenmyer pocketed a $9.6 million stock payout for purchasing a chain of surgery centers.

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You can help by signing our petition

Let Tenet know that it can’t shortchange our community hospitals and the people who care for us. Tell Tenet that it’s time to fully staff its facilities and stop outsourcing critical jobs that leave workers unable to pay their rent or afford health care for their families. And show your appreciation to Tenet workers who have blown the whistle on Tenet’s Covid health code violations and fought for better care in our communities.

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