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Patients need access to timely and consistent mental health services

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Patient Stories

Simply put, Kaiser just doesn’t care

Published Friday, January 15, 2021

Simply put, Kaiser just doesn’t care. I’ve been receiving on/off therapy from psychologists at Kaiser for about five years now. I never felt like it really helped. Group therapies are always PUSHED on to me with every therapist I saw. They don’t work and they don’t have convenient times where one doesn’t have to leave early from something, whether it be work or school. Appointment scheduling is also a joke. You have to wait three or four weeks for each appointment, which doesn’t help if you are contemplating suicidal thoughts or are just in a deep hole. Luckily, I can help myself when it gets to dark points. However, not many can say the same. Kaiser needs to step it up or get serious punishment for not helping their patients.

San Leandro