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Patient Stories

Seven months and my teen still has not seen a therapist

Published Tuesday, September 27, 2022

After suffering for over a year, my teenager finally agreed agreed to therapy for social anxiety in early 2022. They were assessed and approved by Kaiser for up to a year of individual therapy. My kid has hearing loss and struggles with hearing over Zoom. They need a local therapist so as to have an in person option. Kaiser referred us to Beacon Health for therapy. Beacon gave me a list of over 50 providers to call. I called dozens of providers. The ones who returned my calls told me they were fully booked or not accepting Beacon/Kaiser insurance. The only Beacon/KP provider I found with any availability is not local and therefore my teen refused to meet with them. Another provider, who is local, told me he no longer takes Beacon/KP but could see my kid for $230 per hour (!). It has been seven months and my teen still has not seen a therapist. How can Kaiser give us ‘approval’ and then pass us along to an agency with a useless list of referrals? This is pure negligence.