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Patient Stories

Sees therapist every three months; daughter dropped by multiple therapists

Published Wednesday, August 24, 2022

I can’t have regular appointments with my therapist more than every three months. I can talk to my pharmacologist more often. If I miss an appointment that’s now six months between appointments. I was diagnosed with PTSD and told the waiting list was a couple of months; it’s been six months now with no word back on it. I was using groups, but then they restructured then getting rid of the one I really liked and making none of them accessible to me at convenient times. My daughter has been dropped by multiple therapists and reassigned only to have it happen again so she’s had no real therapy. My husband’s been waiting to get assigned a mental health team after leaving a rehab facility and can only get meds through his PCP. We were just told my son didn’t need therapy and no future appointments were allowed to be scheduled.

Sarah Lee