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Patient Stories

School counselor helped 5-year-old when Kaiser offered appointment six months ahead

Published Wednesday, September 7, 2022

My 5-year-old witnessed my medical trauma (I was hospitalized with a spinal injury). He was dysregulated and having panic attacks as a result. We got the referral in September. The first available appointment after a long intake process was in November, two weeks before my due date with my second child. I asked to be prioritized for anything earlier and was told that it was noted but then silence – no follow up. The baby was born on the day of the initial appointment, so we needed to reschedule. Then the earliest new appointment was March. Luckily, his teacher at public kindergarten saw the same behavior issues at school and got him in with the school counselor immediately. He got help, so I canceled the March appointment. He was coping by then, but I definitely feel I didn’t get the services we paid for. I am using Optimum health insurance for my own mental health instead of Kaiser after the experience with my son and the offer of only six sessions through Kaiser – despite my history of being injured and institutionalized.