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Patient Stories

Paying $300 a month after failing to secure therapist from Kaiser referrals

Published Tuesday, August 23, 2022

I was in a car accident and had PTSD. I needed help as I was so afraid to be in the car, and was having nightmares and anxiety. I reached out to Kaiser and they said they could not help me in-house and referred me out. I got a therapist who was about to retire, never took notes and fell asleep during my appointments. I went back to Kaiser and spent a year and half trying to find a therapist. They would give me names, I would call and leave messages and no therapists would call me back. I called and complained and Kaiser switched me to another carrier in which I had the same problem. They even had referral for therapists who were in the Bay Area. Why would you make someone who has PTSD from a car accident and is afraid to be in the car drive four hours each way for help? I found a local therapist not in the network and asked Kaiser to reimburse me since they can not find me a therapist. They denied my claim. I am out $300 a month for therapy when I pay for health insurance that should cover it.

Yuba City