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Patient Stories

Paid for private care after Kaiser only offered appointment in six weeks

Published Saturday, August 27, 2022

I had depression and severe anxiety. I waited weeks to see a psychologist. When I finally did see her, it was an intake interview with an appointment given in six weeks. No treatment plan, no feedback or support. She told me this is the Kaiser way; I couldn’t expect timely care. She offered a group drop-in session. I was in a group of several people in extreme crises. It was traumatizing, not therapeutic. I sought private care, spent $1,500 and found help. I tried again the next year to access care and waited six weeks for an appointment. I canceled the appointment the day before when they could not give me any information at all on the clinician’s credentials (they had the initials BM behind their name – outside contracted therapist). At this point I lost all faith in Kaiser and again sought private care. My husband’s had severe depression and anger management issues but after my experience he wouldn’t trust Behavioral Health. He got an antidepressant from his primary doctor but needs more care. We’re so frustrated.