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Patient Stories

Over six months and no response to outside therapy referral

Published Tuesday, September 20, 2022

I spoke with a psychiatrist in November 2021 via online appointment. I was told I was getting a referral for outside therapy for severe depression. I did not ever hear back. I called at the beginning of December 2021 to see what was going on and was told it hadn’t even been sent out. I asked for in-Kaiser therapy and was told I would be referred. No response for three weeks. I was forced to schedule a reassessment to actually talk to somebody who said she would refer me for a focus-based therapy program. I have no response. I ended up having to speak to my primary care doctor to get anywhere at all and by that point I had given up on therapy as an option altogether and asked for medication. Luckily, the medication has helped me to make significant progress but I never wanted to be on medication to begin with. It is currently July 2022 and I still have no response from any therapy office or Kaiser regarding therapy.