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Patient Stories

Nine months to get into treatment

Published Wednesday, January 2, 2019

I have been trying for NINE MONTHS to get my son, who has been diagnosed with ADHD at Kaiser, into treatment for his learning differences. They have failed to return my phone calls, scheduled and canceled appointments, made me go back and do a whole new intake process for him (a two-hour appointment) because the original referring doctor had left. I finally had an appointment to get him referred. It took weeks — then at noon the day before the appointment, the doctor canceled for “educational leave” that day!!! And the person who called to tell me it was canceled said, “Sorry, I can’t schedule a new appointment — talk to triage,”and triage said, “Sorry, I can’t book a new appointment — he is a new patient.” Then they called back two days later and offered an appointment the day after Christmas. All just to get him into a treatment for a disorder he has already been diagnosed with, because a referring physician needs to sign him into the group. I have talked to people all the way up the chain of command and get no help. Everyone at the front lines feels just awful and wishes they could help me. The leadership betrays their patients!

San Francisco