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Patient Stories

Never-ending spiral of fear and anxiety

Published Thursday, December 13, 2018

After my second child was born, my anxiety became unmanageable. It was manifesting in bouts of depression and feelings of uselessness, alternating with episodes of anger and yelling. I felt out of control. I went to a walk-in facility (they don’t take appointments for intake) and asked for help. I felt rushed through the “appointment,” and the only result was getting signed up for anxiety management and mindfulness classes. I went to both, and I felt even worse afterward. I had to miss work for the classes, held in a place where I didn’t feel safe or heard. I searched and searched online for another way to get help with Kaiser, but just kept getting directed to those classes. It was a never-ending spiral of fear and anxiety to get help. As of right now, I have not been able to get the help I know I need, and I don’t even know how to get help anymore.