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Patient Stories

My son died by suicide

Published Thursday, January 3, 2019

My son Kyle received care from Kaiser for anxiety and depression beginning October 2017. At the intake, he told the therapist that he had thought of ending his life within the last two weeks. She then proceeded to schedule an appointment for six weeks later. I was appalled at this. Knowing that he was in crisis didn’t matter. He then saw his therapist only about once a month after that. He was also referred to a psychiatrist in the Diamond Bar office, but Kyle also came home from his therapy sessions feeling even worse. He was made to feel so bad about himself. It took days to recover after each visit. In March of 2018, Kyle died by suicide. I believe that the lack of care that Kaiser gives to their patients, and specifically the uncaring nature of my son’s Kaiser psychiatrist, were instrumental in this tragic event.

Diamond Bar