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Patient Stories

My daughter thinks about suicide most days

Published Wednesday, July 17, 2019

My 15-year-old daughter is currently being treated for depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation at Kaiser Santa Clara. Her treatment began in January 2019. Her therapist is fantastic but my daughter can only get an appointment every four to six weeks. She recently suffered a sexual assault and even this was not enough to allow for a more frequent appointment, even though I was willing to come ANY time an appointment became available. My daughter thinks about suicide most days and recently has begun to have insomnia and suffer nightmares related to the assault. Current clinical guidelines recommend therapy much more frequently than every four to six weeks. Teens with other forms of insurance are often seen every one to two weeks upon the initial diagnosis. We love our therapist but will likely change our insurance company if we are unable to obtain more frequent behavioral health access.

Santa Clara