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Patient Stories

My daughter came to Kaiser with anxiety at age 10

Published Sunday, March 24, 2019

My daughter came to Kaiser with anxiety at the age of 10. She attended a Kaiser support group for kids with anxiety, but the group model did not give her the tools she needed and she was still anxious. Instead of offering another service, Kaiser told us that she had to just spend the next three years untreated because the only other service Kaiser offered was an anxiety group for adolescents. We waited, and by the time she was old enough for teen group, she had two new diagnoses — OCD and Performance Anxiety. When the Teen Group didn’t work for her, her doctor did not offer any other treatment option but said, “Sometimes teens have to feel really bad before they are willing to make the changes they need to feel better.” And he refused to offer any other service or refer her out to other services.

San Francisco