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Patient Stories

Multiple appointments rescheduled

Published Saturday, December 1, 2018

I asked to see a mental health professional on December 14. My doctor gave me a referral. I called immediately and made an appointment. The first available was a month out. When the date got closer, I went to verify my appointment on the Kaiser app. There was no appointment listed. I called and was told that the doctor cancelled my appointment. No note. No email. No phone call. No explanation at all. They asked if I wanted to reschedule. I did. Again, it was a month out. The day before my appointment, the doctor’s offfice called and told me that the doctor was going out of town. I was rescheduled me again, another month out. I originally called on December 14 and was finally seen on March 9th. The therapist then told me that she didn’t need to see me again. I felt like I got brushed off.

Walnut Creek