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Patient Stories

Mother sought therapist to deal with PTSD, still waiting for first session

Published Wednesday, September 14, 2022

My son has behavioral issues and we asked Kaiser for ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services and it took three months to start. He was also diagnosed as being on the spectrum during Covid and it took forever. I supported/schooled my kids for over two years, which caused me mental health issues. I reached out to Kaiser to get help for my PTSD and they gave me a Clinical Psychologist which doesn’t treat PTSD, just self-care. Then I tried to get a therapist and that took time, so I made an appointment three months out. I’m still waiting until August. My kids both have a therapist because they had issues with mental health during Covid. They only got to be seen once a month over Zoom. One hour a month is simply not enough. We spent that time talking about issues that happened a month ago. What’s the point of that? They said to keep a list of all monthly events and address it at the meeting. It’s very frustrating to pay so much money and not get the care we need when we need it. My mental health is worse due to Kaiser.

Walnut Creek