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Patient Stories

Kaiser therapist moved visits from four to eight weeks, then to 15 weeks

Published Thursday, September 15, 2022

I’m a trans person and someone wanted to kill me with violence. Someone wanted me to die because I am different. Kaiser denied care. I sought private care and was diagnosed with PTSD. I couldn’t afford to keep paying privately so I went back to Kaiser. The kaiser psychologist moved our visits from four to eight weeks. In the meantime, I was faced with violence again. The Kaiser therapist canceled again one hour before treatment and moved our visit to 15 weeks. At that point I wrote the psychologist that “I was sleeping with a .357 (gun) just to feel safe. Right now I want to hit someone and not stop. When you know you can keep an appointment please let me know?” He suddenly found time for a 15-minute crisis visit. Family helped me pay for weekly therapy out-of-pocket after Kaiser chaos and Iā€™m healthier safer now.

Rancho Cordova