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Patient Stories

Kaiser provides assembly line therapy

Published Thursday, April 4, 2019

I’m a Kaiser therapist. People should know that that the rule is to NOT provide sessions more than every other week, and that managers tell us we can’t ask to stop adding new patients until our turnaround time is four to six weeks (sometimes more). We have new patients being added daily to our caseloads, even though Kaiser knows we have no time to see them. Kaiser doesn’t care that we come in early, stay late, and work through our lunches to try to help our patients. The expectation is that we only see patients monthly, twice a month IF needed, and that we should do short-term therapy to get patients out as fast as possible to make room for the new. Kaiser provides assembly line therapy at the cost of the patients’ and staffs’ well-being. Kaiser mental health treatment is great, but only when you can get it. Kaiser members seeking mental health services will spend more time on hold to the Behavioral Health Call Center trying to schedule appointments then they will actually seeing their provider.

Woodland Hills