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Patient Stories

Kaiser often referred me to support groups

Published Monday, June 24, 2019

Kaiser often referred me to support groups. I complained a lot and they finally referred me to an outside therapist who I see locally without delay. I made a fuss and was able to get better treatment that way. But it took a long time, and I was strong enough to continue pressuring Kaiser, making calls to the president of the Fontana Behavioral Health office, etc. I was denied service for Transcranial Image Therapy (TMS), as the Fontana office didn’t refer out for that. I found out that the West Los Angeles office DID refer out, so I went to a psychiatrist at that office (approximately 100 miles away) and was able to get a referral for that treatment for my depression. I’m resourceful, assertive, and rather high-functioning, so I was able to get service after a lot of fuss. But a lot of patients are not. I’ve seen suicidal patients (from support groups) who couldn’t get a therapy appointment for a month or so. These were people who had previously tried to commit suicide. It was heartbreaking.