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Patient Stories

Kaiser never called to inform psychiatrist and psychologist stopped working for them

Published Saturday, August 20, 2022

I am diagnosed as Bipolar 2. I sent emails through the Kaiser app to my psychiatrist and psychologist but no one replied. My mental health issue was in immediate need of treatment, so I called the mental health desk and was told both doctors were no longer working for Kaiser. One retired and the other went back to the Bay Area. I was never told my doctors were leaving, nor did I get a new doctor assigned to me. I was left in limbo. I then moved to Sacramento. Kaiser sent me a referral to seek treatment from another Kaiser approved doctor. He was terrible. I then had to have emergency mental health services in Sacramento in 2021 and was begging to get a referral to a different psychologist for therapy. It was absolutely the best experience for my mental health, non-Kaiser. They should be ashamed.

Rancho Cordova