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Filing Complaints in Hawai’i

As a Kaiser member, you have the right to file a complaint with Kaiser as well as with consumer-protection agencies that oversee your health plan.

Filing a Complaint in Hawai’i with Kaiser Permanente

All health plans are required to have an internal process for health plan members to file complaints and receive a decision in 7 or 30 calendar days depending on the urgency of the problem. To file a complaint over the phone, contact Kaiser at the numbers below. To file a complaint online, visit To chat or email with Kaiser’s “Member Services Department,” visit If you’re not satisfied with Kaiser’s decision, you have the right to appeal it to one of the outside consumer-protection agencies described below.

  • HMO Members:
    Call 800-966-5955 and press “0” to talk to a live person.
  • Medicare Members:
    Call 800-805-2739.
  • QUEST Members:
    Call 800-651-2237 and press “0” to talk to a live person.

Filing a Complaint in Hawai’i with Consumer-Protection Agencies

  • HMO Members:
    Contact the Hawai’i Insurance Commissioner at 808-586-2790 between 7:45am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. You can submit a written complaint by completing this two-page PDF form on and sending it by e-mail, US postal mail or fax. To submit the form by email, send it to and note in your email message that you were unable to sign the attached form because you’re submitting it by email and you’re confirming submission.
  • Medicare Members:
    Contact the Hawai’i State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) at 888-875-9229 for free, one-on-one counseling over the phone or on Zoom. Alternatively, you can also fill out a brief online form to request a call from a counselor by going to and clicking the blue box at the bottom of the page that says “Counseling Request.” The Medicare Rights Center also offers support at 800-333-4114 and through its website at
  • QUEST Members:
    Call Hawaii’s Med-Quest Division Grievance & Complaint Hotline at 808-692-8094. For support, you can call the Medicaid Ombudsman Program at 888-488-7988 or visit
  • EUTF Members:
    In addition to filing a complaint with the Hawai’i Insurance Commissioner or Medicare, EUTF members can file a complaint with EUTF by calling 800-295-0089 or You can schedule an appointment with an EUTF Member Service Representative on

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