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Patient Stories

Kaiser denied reimbursement for residential treatment center for teen son

Published Saturday, September 10, 2022

My 15-year-old son had a near lethal suicide attempt. The psych recommended 3-4 months RTC (Residential Treatment Center). Two of the RTCs denied my son due to safety concerns. A few had long waiting lists. The other two they wanted him to go to, I heard terrible things about and catered to foster kids and sex trafficked kids. They were not at all a good fit for my son and would have made him worse. He was in desperate need of quality help because he was in so much pain mentally. We paid out of pocket for Wilderness Therapy (which saved his life) and Kaiser denied any reimbursement, even on appeal. Our secondary insurance ended up reimbursing a small amount for the therapy portion. My son then went to an RTC and we were fortunate that our school district funded it through his IEP. My son is home now after a year and is doing great. There is no way he would be alive right now if he did not go to WT and then a quality RTC.

We paid thousands of dollars for therapists before he left too because he could not get the help he needed.