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Patients need access to timely and consistent mental health services

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Patient Stories

It’s been six months since I first reached out

Published Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Kaiser referred me to Beacon. I’ve called Beacon, and waited on hold many times, during business hours, but never spoken to a person. Once I held for more than 40 minutes. Once or twice, I got a call back, but I was teaching at that moment and couldn’t answer. They left voicemail to call them back, but no instructions about how I might get my badly needed therapy. I will call again tomorrow, but I’m very frustrated and don’t know how I will get help. I need to speak to a person who will set up an appointment for me at a reasonable time. It’s been six months since I first reached out, and things have gotten a lot worse. Several of my friends are therapists and they tell me this area is oversaturated with therapists, so why is Kaiser so short-staffed?

San Francisco