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Increasing caseload requires scheduling appointments far in advance; makes changes hard if things come up

Published Tuesday, September 6, 2022

First, I am grateful for my therapist. She has helped me so much and we work well together. She is dedicated to helping her clients. However, I have often observed that we need to schedule appointments far in advance due to the fact that she has an ever increasing caseload. If she had to cancel an appointment for personal reasons (which is part of life) there is no way I would be able to come in anytime soon and wait for the next appointment we had scheduled. Then comes the impossible scenario of getting our next appointment together. My therapist and my work is important to me. I have not had an in-person meeting since COVID. I want to come in and see her – it is externally hard to continue our visits this way. I support the therapists’ efforts to get more staffing and the great need to allow old and new members to receive the treatment they need. I am very thankful and lucky to have such a caring, competent, courageous therapist.

Lahaina, Hawaii