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Patient Stories

I was desperate for help earlier this spring

Published Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Desperate for help earlier this spring, I called Kaiser and was informed that I would not be able to see anyone for two or three months, unless I was willing to see someone who was retiring in a few weeks. I was immediately scheduled for the next week – only to find out that the appointment was only ONLY for evaluation. The first scheduled appointment after evaluation would be a month away. I was desperate – I agreed, and was told I could get on a more specific schedule in two months. I saw the retiring counselor a few times, then waited another month to start a long-term process with someone else. My new therapist would only schedule two advance appointments – three weeks apart, explaining that the schedule was just over-booked. I requested that we schedule additional appointments, and he said that he didn’t like to do that, as one never knows what is in the future. I finally had my two appointments and I really felt a positive connection with him. At the end of the second appointment, though, I was informed that no additional appointments would be scheduled as he was leaving Kaiser.

What? Good job Kaiser – one of my issues from childhood is abandonment.

To get rescheduled, well, that would take a couple more months. I am still seeking care, and will outside of Kaiser after the first of the year.