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Patient Stories

I spent six weeks seeking a referral for a drug treatment center for my son

Published Wednesday, July 27, 2022

My son was waiting for rehab treatment for drug abuse disorder and the addiction specialist said Bayside (a drug treatment center) would suit him the best. However, there was about a 10-day wait list at the time which made me anxious, but I agreed to the referral.

Things got worse a lot quicker and I asked for a different referral, but I would never get a hold of the person I needed to speak with or he just simply was not available. This went on for approximately six weeks.

My son was willing to go to treatment, but soon his drug use became more severe and then he changed his mind.

I really feel the window of opportunity was not taken seriously. I asked for multiple referrals but I didn’t need a referral to Jess Bayside, especially since they didn’t have room. It was a very strange cat-and-mouse game. At times I felt I was losing my mind after hearing these other stories. Now I can tell it has happened to them as well, but in different ways. I started seeking help myself at the end of February calling the Kaiser Permanente San Rafael Psychiatry and Chemical Dependency Services. It is April and still nothing for me.