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Patient Stories

Getting worse NOT better

Published Friday, December 21, 2018

I’m Robert “Priest” Morgan. During the North Bay Wildfires, I was one of four firefighters who saved 44 Journey’s End Homes, one grandma left to die in her wheelchair, and Kaiser’s hospital campus from burning to the ground. I have Kaiser’s Senior Advantage Plus Medical Coverage. When the Camp Fire began and we were breathing their smoke, my PTSD, for which I was getting counseling, became so severe I had to get away. I went to the Midwest’s frozen tundra to get away. I intended to continue my PTSD counseling, but Kaiser is refusing to cover my counseling up here. I left California to save myself and my life – I left in an emergency and I see my being here as an emergency – yet Kaiser won’t even return my calls as they promised. I’m getting worse, NOT better. I am at a loss as to what to do next. Kaiser generates $73 billion dollars annually and they refuse to help me! I initiated the response that saved their hospital, as wells as the lives of many staff and patients. Now I need a little help from Kaiser, and they’re turning the other way, as if I don’t matter. Six months after the fire, Kaiser diagnosed me with third stage liver disease – add that to my severe PTSD and I’m not doing so well. They have demonstrated quite clearly they could not care less.

Santa Rosa