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Patient Stories

After mental health hospitalization, teen daughter seen once in six months by therapist

Published Saturday, August 13, 2022

We are living an awful experience trying to get help for my 15-year-old daughter. She has been “seen” by a psychiatrist 4-5 times in the last three years. She was assigned group therapy, which was a joke; she felt it was mostly a waste of time dealing with multiple behavior issues and we felt it influenced her even worse. She was hospitalized by Kaiser after an ER visit for “intense therapy”. The only facility Kaiser said we could take her was 2.5 hours away. This facility was awful. We had a very hard time getting any information and were told multiple conflicting things from different staff members. Our “family therapy session” was a less than five minute phone call. In the facility where she stayed, our daughter told us she saw a doctor for less than five minutes and went to two groups daily, otherwise watched movies. I tried to get help from her Kaiser care team to find out what was happening and did not get a call back after several messages. Her follow up was a week after discharge and she has seen the therapist only one other time in six weeks, because the schedule is full.