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Patients need access to timely and consistent mental health services

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Patient Stories

After inadequate mental health services for my daughter, we filed a grievance and got one monthly therapy session

Published Thursday, July 28, 2022

My 22-year-old daughter has repeatedly requested mental health services. Her initial phone interview (about two years ago) to assess her situation was apparently never properly recorded and there was no follow up. Additional phone calls got her nowhere. She and I physically went into the Kaiser adult psychiatry department twice to plead for help and services. Addiction got added to the mix. Their dual diagnosis program did little to adequately address the mental health problems she struggles with. I’m not even sure what they have her disorder listed as. We went to an outside clinic (psychiatrist) to get an assessment and diagnosis. The verbal recommendation was an intensive therapeutic program. Filing a grievance with Kaiser got us assigned an outside community resource representative and one monthly therapy session. My daughter is still without adequate services and is now facing homelessness. She copes by using drugs and alcohol. Harm to self or others can’t be far off.