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Patient Stories

ADHD therapy sessions are five weeks apart

Published Monday, August 8, 2022

I went in for therapy and was contracted out for therapy.

My son is 7. I have had him go in for psychiatric care since he was 4. It’s been a huge battle with help and finally diagnosis. He cannot be sent out to a contracted company because it’s ADHD therapy. Appointments are five weeks apart. Three were canceled in spring (but no sooner appointments were offered) and had to wait five weeks for another visit. A four-month stretch between appointments with no other choice. He also has an unspecified conduct disorder. This kind of help is bad for that. He needs therapy at least every two weeks, not long stretches. He’s struggling and I am too because of that. Medication only helps so much for ADHD. The therapy should be helping the rest. Also, my 7-year-old son was supposed to be evaluated for tics in another department, but two initial appointments were canceled on Kaiser’s end and messages sent to the department have gone unanswered at this point.

El Cajon