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Patient Stories

ADHD screening required multiple appointments over six months

Published Friday, August 26, 2022

I asked for an ADHD screening and it took multiple appointments across almost 6 months to get a diagnosis. A few months later, I tried to get an appointment with a specific therapist who was taking on new patients and it took three months before there was an opening (with a different therapist, as the first person I wanted to talk to turned out to not take self-referrals). Furthermore, I was looking for weekly appointments but this doctor only has the ability to meet every three months, and only for an hour at a time. She then assigned me to a group therapy “class” that was completely unhelpful for someone with a severe anxiety disorder. Another annoyance had to do with picking up ADHD medication. When I’ve been given a 30-day supply I can only request a new prescription on the last day of the 30 days. Mind you, not a refill – it has to be approved by my doctor, which can take up to seven days, so I often have to go without my medication. From a mental health perspective this is unacceptable.

Santa Rosa