Mental Health Month

Lisa Delgadillo Lisa Delgadillo, LMFT, was deeply inspired by her mother, a psychiatric RN for 40 years.
Christine Velez Christine Velez finds inspiration in the honesty and resilience of the children she cares for.
Julia Thompson Julia Thompson helps people recovering from addiction, including helping their loved ones understand how to best support them.
Jody Forter Jody Forter was drawn to behavioral health because she wanted to help people, and work alongside others who shared her values.
Corri Chadwick Corri Chadwick was inspired to pursue a career as a child therapist after learning about the unmet need for mental healthcare amongst middle schoolers.
Martha Rea Martha Rae came to the U.S. from Mexico as a baby. Now she helps immigrant families navigate their new communities.
Simran Virdee Simran Verde is a therapist dedicated to helping patients recover from the effects of generational trauma.
Julie Siegel Turner Julie Siegel Turner is a psychiatric social workers who comes from a family of therapists -- and union members.
Sara Grunstein Sara Grunstein is dedicated to helping patients break cycles of trauma and abuse.
Shawniese Tilmon Shawniese Tilmon channeled her interest in family dynamics into a career in child and family therapy.
Andrea Chan Andrea Chan finds peace in helping her patients navigate a chaotic world.
Anjahni Davi Anjahni Davi thrives on helping patients recover from trauma and discover joy.
Jackie Schalit Jackie Schalit is a therapist who loves working with babies and young children.

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