NUHW unveils November 2018 candidate endorsements

NewsSeptember 25, 2018

With our endorsement meetings completed, it’s time to help the candidates who best reflect our values win elected office.

In Southern California, we’ll be canvassing for the following candidates:

Gil Cisneros, who is running for an open congressional seat that spans Orange, San Bernardino and LA counties;

Katie Porter, who is running to unseat Steve Knight for a congressional seat that includes Northern LA County.

Mike Levin, who is running to replace Darrell Issa in Congress, representing most of coastal San Diego County.

Ashleigh Aitken, who is running for mayor of Anaheim.

Josh Lowenthal, who is running for State Assembly in Orange County.

Christy Smith, who is running for Assembly in Northern LA County.

Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva who is running for re-election for her Orange County seat.

Measure L, the Living Wage ordinance in Anaheim.

In the Central Valley, we’ll be canvassing for Josh Harder, who’s working to defeat Rep. Jeff Denham in a district that includes Modesto and Turlock.

Along the Central Coast, we’ll be canvassing for Anna Caballero, who is running for State Senate.

In the Bay Area, we’ll be volunteering to the following candidates:

Richmond City Councilmember Jovanka Beckles, who is running for an East Bay State Assembly seat.

Gordon Mar and Catherine Stefani who are running for San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Stefani is an incumbent running for re-election.

Lee Pierce, who is running for Santa Rosa City Council.

Robert Conklin, D’Lynda Fischer and Scott Alonso, who are running for Petaluma City Council.

Along the North Coast, we are endorsing:

Kim Bergel, Natalie Arroyo and Leslie Castellano, who are running for Eureka City Council. Bergel and Arroyo are running for re-election.

Talk to your organizer about volunteering for these candidates and opportunities to support other candidates endorsed by NUHW.

And, please visit for a full list of every candidate and ballot measure backed by NUHW members and our executive board.

Remember: The more pro-worker candidates we help elect, the more leverage we’ll have with employers to win good contracts.