NUHW members do their part to elect pro-worker candidates in this year’s election

NewsSeptember 28, 2022

NUHW members have been working hard to ensure that healthcare workers have a voice in Sacramento on important issues like Medicare for All and workers’ rights. In Primary elections, members completed hundreds of volunteer shifts across California, knocking on doors to help candidates that will protect the rights of workers.

In November, voters will decide on a number of important statewide races, such as governor and attorney general, as well as several propositions.

Proposition 1 would guarantee that abortion rights are part of the state constitutions, and Proposition 30 that would impose a 1.75 percent personal income tax increase on Californians making more than $2 million per year to fund climate programs, including more charging stations for electric vehicles.

NUHW members in Los Angeles will also vote for who they want to lead their city for the next four years. After NUHW co-sponsored a mayoral debate in the spring, members voted to endorse Congresswoman Karen Bass for the post. Bass will face estate developer Rick Caruso in the general election.

Members have volunteered on the campaigns for local candidates. In Southern California, they rallied behind long-time labor organizer and Medicare for All advocate Pilar Schiavo, who is running for State Assembly in District 40, which extends from the Northwest San Fernando Valley into the Santa Clarita Valley.

In the Bay Area, members helped get out the vote for Liz Ortega, head of the Alameda Labor Council, who is running for the State Assembly in District 20, encompassing part of Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, San Leandro, and Castro Valley.

Elsewhere, members in the dietary departments at Lakewood and Los Alamitos hospital mobilized for NUHW-endorsed candidate Robert Garcia, the top vote getter in the Primary Election in the race for the 42nd Congressional district, which stretches from Huntington Park to Long Beach. The Peruvian-American mayor of Long Beach will face off against republican John Briscoe in the general election.

Please visit for a full list of every candidate and ballot measure backed by NUHW members and our executive board. And please vote on Tuesday, November 8.