NUHW members at Providence hospital get abusive managers terminated

NewsJanuary 29, 2024

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In 2022, workers at Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center showed management they wouldn’t settle for a bad contract. Last year, workers in the Housekeeping and Engineering departments showed they wouldn’t settle for bad managers.

In the Engineering Department, NUHW members filed complaints last October against a disrespectful manager who was trying to sew division in the unit.

The workers proceeded to convene a meeting with Human Resources and then launched a “No Retaliation Petition” after the manager retaliated against a worker with an unwarranted disciplinary action. Every member of the unit signed the petition.

When many of them attempted to hand it to him during a March on the Boss action, the manager slammed his door on the workers, but the workers were undeterred.

Faced with so many documented complaints, Human Resources put the manager on administrative leave and fired him last month.

“Fighting against an abusive manager is just as satisfying as fighting to win a good contract,” said Raphael Lopez, a plant engineer at the hospital. “We learned during the contract campaign that when we stick together, we get results, and our working conditions are much better than before.”

NUHW members in the Housekeeping Department also spoke up recently against two managers who bullied and retaliated against them with unfair discipline.

The workers fought back earlier this month when the managers tried to intimidate a probationary employee into making a false statement against a steward who was on medical leave.

The probationary worker informed their NUHW organizer, and their colleagues filed complaints against the managers who were fired soon thereafter.

“Everyone has a right to be treated with respect and dignity, and as union workers, we have the power to make sure we’re treated right,” said Scott Boriegard, a facilities technician. “My advice to anyone with an abusive manager is to inform your organizer and steward and work with your colleagues to address it.”